Peter Boettcher


Peter Boettcher started his photographic experience in the mid 80’s when he shot a live picture of the New York Jazz-Punk Saxophonist James Chance White (see CLASSICS) which brought him to the independent music-magazine „spex“ based in cologne – the city, that was the leading center in the world for music and art (see ART) in this decade.

His first cover shot for spex-magazine was Morrissey (The Smiths) in London 1987, more with L.L. Cool J, Sonic Youth, Salt ´n´Pepper and R.E.M. followed as works for magazins as stern, Zeitmagazin, Vogue etc.

In 1991 Peter Boettcher photographed the electronic-pioniers KRAFTWERK in their legendary KLING-KLANG-Studio in Düsseldorf. This was the beginning of a close and intense collaboration that continues to this day (see KRAFTWERK).

Peter Boettcher portrait-works don’t follow any short-lived trends. From the beginning he concentrated on the person according to the motto: Less is more.
 The artist’s photos express a clear visual language and formal objectivity. His work is reduced to the essential things and has its own timeless modern character.
As he presents a perfect unity of space and person his portraits are opposite and in a discourse against the superficial and in any way changeable results of postproduction.



NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf 2013

artcologne 2013 – 2015

Galerie Löhrl, Mönchengladbach 2014

Kraftwerk Burgtheater, Vienna 2014 Galerie Heike Curtze und Petra Seiser Loft 8

Kraftwerk Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin 2015 Galerie Pavlo´s Dog

Kaune Contemporary Gallery, Cologne 2015

Flo Peters Gallery, Chilehaus Hamburg 2017

„Electro“ Kunstpalast Düsseldorf 2021


Weltkunst 01/2015

MINT 11/2020 – 1

MINT 11/2020 – 2

arte Magazin 09/2023

digit! 05/2014

etapes 218

Vogue 918

ZEITmagazin – 1

ZEITmagazin – 2